Artist Adorns Wall Street Bull With Crocheted Sweater

This stunt was no bull

The Wall Street Bull, a famous, iconic symbol of the financial district, underwent a bit of an involuntary makeover during the holiday season, as NYC based artist Agata Olek outfitted the bronzed beast with a garish pink and blue crocheted sweater in guerilla fashion on December 27th.

The Charging Bull’s fashionable display lasted a mere two hours and it fell in line with the season’s tradition of ugly holiday sweaters.

However, Olek said that the sweater was a gift to NYC and that it was a tribute to Arturo di Modica, who illegally put the bull on Wall Street during Christmas of 1987 following the Stock Market crash.

What do you think of the Wall Street Bull’s sweater?

7 thoughts on “Artist Adorns Wall Street Bull With Crocheted Sweater

    1. more snow predicted for this Wednesday.
      the poor bull will need more than a sweater, maybe a full length snow suit !

  1. Still a popular backdrop for many a tourist Big Apple “‘Photo-op”. The article’s quote: ‘The Charging Bull’s fashionable display lasted a mere two hours and it fell in line with the season’s tradition of ugly holiday sweaters’.
    What a shame that the ultra Chic designers from Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week (Feb.2011) didn’t take the opportunity to adorn the bull with fabulous models.
    aka beauty and the bronzed beast.

  2. As a cross reference between the Art World and Pop Culture’s Indie Films,
    artist, Agata Olek recently hung her crocheted piece:”The Girl With the Balloons”
    expressing her artistic support for Banksy’s movie during February’s Oscars week.
    This seems to echo her support of other visual artists like Arturo di Modica
    while giving the rest of us that feeling of ‘awe…’ Whats amazing is that anything that incredibly time consuming and that repetitious can be accomplished without machinery.
    To quote Olek ; ‘A loop after a loop. Hour after hour my madness becomes crochet. Life and art are inseparable”.

  3. Then again… a 9-foot tall bronze mouse..
    and flock of paper sheep are giving the Times Square tourists more to gawk at.
    Check out the article from:dnainfo . com / 20110301
    The article also mentions TriBeCa artist; Grimanesa Amoros’s sculpture,
    “The Uros House,” ( spire of clear bubbles designed to look like the islands of Lake Titicaca, Peru).
    And….the tall bronzed mouse.. he/she was sculpted by Tom Otterness.
    Otterness has many other installations in Manhattan including several creatures
    playfully dotted around the Battery Park City recreation / playground area.

    Back in in May of 2009, artist Tom Otterness unveiled his sculpture at a public park in front Larry Silverstein’s Silver Towers on W. 42nd Street.

    I guess between the brass, bronze and silver.. you could call Otterness an Alchemists
    among visual artists.

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