Battery Park City Library

Battery Park City Public Library May Finally Get Lion Statues

Battery Park City Library
Battery Park City Library Set To Welcome Lions (Photo: New York Times)

Battery Park City’s five-year old City Library may receive a pair of five-foot tall bronze lions to be placed out front, just like Midtown’s Public Library! According to Yahoo, Community Board 1 member Tom Goodkind has partnered with sculptor Tom Otterness to create the lions. Roar!

There have been continuous discussions about having lions adorn the front of the library, but funding was always an issue. However, a kind, anonymous donor with income to spare has come forward to infuse some cash into the idea, pushing it closer to reality.

Otterness has made several sculptures around the city and Battery Park, so he was an obvious choice to make the lions that would guard the library.

A meeting is scheduled for April 6th at 6 PM at the Battery Park City Authority Office to see if the idea will fully come to fruition.

Do you think the BPC library should have lions out front?

3 thoughts on “Battery Park City Public Library May Finally Get Lion Statues

  1. This is great news because he creates such playful work. I would imagine rather than saying his lions would guard – they will engage – and in a most playfully endearing, childlike fashion. I am so looking forward to this !

  2. is this the same tom otterness who adopted a dog and chained it to a fence and shot it DEAD! oh i think it is!! he never did ONE day in jail for his cruel an horrific crime!
    i think the money he makes doing this should go to the shelter where he got his dog from …in the dogs name!

  3. Thank-you for the heads-up. Doing something thoughtlessly cruel as an adolescent
    is one thing – but taking the premeditated time and act of filming it – plus not destroying the film immediately in remorse – causes me to re-examine and question my feelings toward his sculptures. Part of what always drew me to his work was the perceived innocence and charm of these little empathic characters. To me – trust and vulnerability are to be cherished not heartlessly exploited.

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