Battery Park City Bed Bugs registered

Bedbugs Registered in Battery Park City

Battery Park City Bed Bugs registered
Battery Park City bed bugs registered

Once the vernacular of a sweet children’s lullabye has in recent times now illicits nightmares when uttered.


Recent reports have been put out saying how transient these critters can be and often times transmitted through shared on airplane seats or worse yet, movie theater seats.

Battery Park City has been thankfully quiet in light of the vermin tragedies afflicting our city, including rats and other unsavory critters —
That is until I found the Bedbug Registry.

Granted, our bedbug population is remote compared to our other Manhattan neighborhood counterparts — we are not completely immune.
According to the Bedbug Registry, a site dedicated in recording instances of bedbugs throughout the city, there were four instances in the last couple years:

1. Submitted by “Anonymous” on 06/18/2010
225 Rector Place
“Apartment in upper floors, bed bugs found in bottom corner of box spring in only bedroom. Experienced only 2 nights of evidanced bug bites. Brought in exterminators.”

2. Submitted by “tribecamom” on 04/03/2009
325 North End Avenue
“I found bedbugs in my apartment, the landlord send the exterminator one time, but the treatment didn’t work. We still have found bed bugs in the apartment, we wake up with bites, we can’t sleep properly. My 4 years old daughter has big bites too. I live here from one year and I pay $ 4650,00 monthly. I think to deserve something more…. than bed bugs.”

The following instances were over a year ago, and from registered guests who reported seeing bugs within their homes.

3. Submitted by “Embassy Suites Hotel New York” on 01/13/2008
Woke up with bites Dec. 24th, didn’t think anything of it. Drove home to Maryland, began getting bites at night at home. Spotted two bugs in the bed, exterminator confirmed bedbugs. $650 extermination cost, plus $250 more in new pillows, mattress covers, etc. Still have not returned to bedroom, as entire room is coated in pesticide. Very traumatic experience. Reported incident to hotel, which has offered to reimburse us. They must have found bugs in the room or luggage storage area.

There has been speculation on the web that reporting bedbugs on the registry can be used as a method to break apartment rental leases. Considering that half of all reported bed bug reports in our area comes from people who don’t actually live in our neighborhood — this is a positive thing!

Do you worry about bed bugs?

1 thought on “Bedbugs Registered in Battery Park City

  1. Regal theater located at 102 north end ave ( battery park theater) has bed bugs.
    I have been working there for over a year now and we are told to say there are no bed bugs here.
    If you go into some theaters and you see seats with bags on the seats this means they are infected with bedbugs more then others.
    We are told to say that the seats are damaged or something has been spilled on them. I tried calling 311 but they said I must give my name and my work I’d # because they can not take complains from some one who doesn’t work there. Due to the fact that they are a private company
    I do not want to loose my job so I didn’t leave a name so there was nothing they can do about it. It is really sad that we are told to lie just to make a buck!
    People are going home and brings these bugs home and don’t even know it. Wish there was more I can do but unfurtitly there isn’t.
    If you read this and you know anyway that this can be stop please look into it.( Remember the seats covered with bags)

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