William Thompson newly appointed Battery Park City Authority Chairman

Bill Thompson: From Mayoral Candidate to Chairman of BPCA

William Thompson newly appointed Battery Park City Authority Chairman
William Thompson newly appointed Battery Park City Authority Chairman

Governor Paterson announced his confirmation of former NYC mayoral candidate and Comptroller William C. Thompson to the Board of Directors of Battery Park City Authority.

According to a press release from the governor, “I am pleased to announce the confirmation of my colleauge and friend, Bill Thompson, to the Battery Park City Authority. Bill is a proven leader with significant experience in government. As the City’s former Comptroller, he worked tirelessly on behalf of all New York City residents. I look forward to working with him in making New York City and Battery Park City a better place to live, work and raise a family. ”

Mr. Thompson was most recently elected to serve two consecutive four-year terms as Comptroller of New York City, leading a team of 720 employees and managing a $66 million annual operating budget. Mr. Thompson’s early career roles included serving as Chief of Staff to a United States Congressman, and Deputy Borough President for the Office of the Brooklyn Borough President. Later, in the private sector, Mr. Thompson was a Senior Vice President in Public Finance at an investment banking firm. He returned to public service and was appointed to the New York City Board of Education where he served five terms as President of the nation’s largest school system with more than 130,000 employees and an annual budget of nearly $12 billion. As President, Mr. Thompson led policy development and implementation in a city of over 8 million residents with 1.1 million public school children.

Mr. Thompson received a B.A. in Political Science from Tufts University, where he currently serves as a Trustee Emeritus. He has received honorary degrees from Metropolitan College, Pace University, Mercy College and Long Island University.

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1 thought on “Bill Thompson: From Mayoral Candidate to Chairman of BPCA

  1. The new chairman, William Thompson and president, Gayle Horwitz seem just as bad as the disgraced and finally departed Gill and Cavanaugh. Cavanaugh should have been forced out as soon as they took over BPCA instead of being allowed to mark time until he could make early retirement. Wilson Kimball is still here as a senior officer even after refusing to answer the Inspector General’s questions about her romantic involvement with Cavanaugh. Cavanaugh also refused to answer the IG since they obviously didn’t want to get caught in a lie. The IG report states that senior managers can be replaced when refusing to answer IG questions.

    The disgraceful firing of the controller who had the support of the CFO and a then recent excellent performance review looks to be contrived by Kimball and Cavanaugh. What accounting controller is terminated without a discussion with the CFO? How is a termination justified when the immediate boss, a senior executive, is not even consulted? When asked by the IG in the report, “Kimball testified that she “might have” recommended to Cavanaugh that Bogosian be terminated”. A parsing of words by Kimball to not get caught in yet another lie.

    So the controller was terminated for crossing Kimball by her “friend” the president. The controller unfairly loses her job, Cavanaugh gets to hang around until eligible for early retirement and Kimball stays employed by BPCA only losing a whole five days of vacation.

    Mr. Thompson and Ms. Horwitz, you should be ashamed of yourselves. Wishful thinking that new executives would actually have a moral compass.

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