Opponents of the Park51 mosque are found nationwide.

CNN: 70% of All Americans Oppose Park51/Cordoba Mosque

Opponents of the Park51 mosque are found nationwide.
Opponents of the Park51 mosque are found nationwide.

Results from a CNN/Opinion Research Corporation poll today shows that opposition to the Park51 mosque is not limited to New York City voters — but nationwide.

70 percent of all Americans oppose the plan to build a mosque 600 feet from the Ground Zero / World Trade Center site. While only 29 percent were in favor of the Park51 mosque.

In terms of the breakdown of those polled, opposition crossed all political lines and age demographics.

54 percent  of Democrats polled were against the development, while 82 percent of Republicans polled were against it. 70 percent of Independents polled were also against the building of the mosque.

6 in 10 people under the age of 50 oppose the plan.

These poll results come after a recent Quinnipiac poll determined that most New York voters were against the building of a mosque at Ground Zero.

The results from the poll are below:

Cnn Mosque Poll

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5 thoughts on “CNN: 70% of All Americans Oppose Park51/Cordoba Mosque

  1. Should we not allow any Muslims near downtown Manhattan too??? Actually, why don’t we just forbid Muslims anywhere near anything American??? I am appalled by the these statistics and it makes me embarrassed to call myself an American amidst such discrimination.

    1. Although we are in the minority, I completely agree with you Haris. What is particularly reprehensible is that there are those who will say we are “unAmerican.” The truth is we are far more American, in all the right ways, then those who oppose the mosque because of the religion of those who would worship there.

      1. There are 800,000 Muslims in New York and almost 100 Mosques. We have no problems with Muslims or any other religion here. We are a proud melting pot.

        This has nothing to do with discrimination. No one is saying not to build the mosque. However, the location was chosen deliberately by Rauf because of its close proximity to Ground Zero. He refuses to move it despite being offered many different alternatives.

        The question is, not why people are against it, but why Rauf started this project in the first place. It’s long past time for him to bow to the will of the American people whom he claims to want to “make peace” with. Instead, he is now threatening violence from the “Muslim world” if he doesn’t get his way.

        Some bridge-builder he is.

    2. Hey I want the Moslem to go home to were they can worship whom ever their god is and stop bashing American. If they donot like us it is ok with me. We have done good with out them. America is A Chistian nation. Let the Mosque be built in Saudi Arabia. OK! Or how about The Dead Sea..

      1. You my friend, are a typical, narrow-minded American fool who makes me embarrassed to be an American. Good job making our country look like complete shit, why don’t you open up a book for once in your life and do a little research on the subject?? You look and sound like a flat out moron.

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