Road Runners Defend Plans to Use BPC as Race Staging Area

The Road Runners would use northern Battery Park City as a staging area

The Tribeca Trib reports The Community Board 1 met with executives from the Road Runners Group, who were defending their plan to use Northern Battery Park City as a staging area for the famed Half Marathon, which will take place Sunday, March 20th. BPC residents vehemently oppose this plan, even though the Road Runners have permits.

As previously reported, Chambers Street and River Terrace would be used to lead the 10,000 runners from the finish line on West Street to the massive reception area at North Cove. North End Avenue, which is two-way and runs north and south, will be partially closed for TV trucks, generators and medical tents. Parking spaces will be occupied by portable toilets on other streets that are not closed to traffic.

Residents are also worried about partition walls and other disruptions. Road Runners Senior VP Peter Ciaccia said at the February 23rd meeting that “it was never the Road Runners intention to bypass planning and not include the community board.” However, since the 13-mile race runs through multiple locations, and therefore, multiple community boards, the group did not need to receive permission from individual neighborhoods. Ciaccia also claimed that he was unaware of the displeasure within the Battery Park City residents regarding the Half Marathon. He also offered to facilitate a post-race meeting to discuss any issues that are a result of this year’s race.

The Road Runners will meet with the Battery Park City Committee again today. What is your opinion of the set up plan for the Half Marathon?