Lili's Noodle Shop Closed

Lili’s Noodle Shop and Pizzabola Closed For Business

Lili's Noodle Shop Closed
Lili's Noodle Shop is Closed.

Brown paper has been taped up on the windows of both Lili’s Noodle Shop and Pizzabola for the last few days with the cryptic message:

“We will be closed from 8/1/10. Thank You. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

However, this is not your average story of another business at 102 North End Avenue biting the dust due to the Goldman shakeup.

Sign outside Lil's shop.
Sign outside Lil's shop.

Lili’s and Pizzabola owner Jonah Phillips spoke with this morning and let us know that Lili’s will not be permanently closing down but relocating and expanding their menu offering. Phillips will be breathing new life into the former Applebee’s space, introducing Lili’s successor as a new Asian-themed restaurant which will also have a sandwich/deli area.

Pizzabola’s fate is currently uncertain although the owner is looking into new locations for the Italian restaurant in the area. Regardless of the new location, Pizzabola will no longer be serving the gluten-free foods it had been known for.

Phillips, who also owns Izzy & Nats, said that finding a new spot for Pizzabola has been difficult: “There isn’t a lot of space left [to open a restaurant] in the area.”

The 102 North End restaurant version of musical chairs comes in light of Danny Meyer’s announcement last week of his openings of a Shake Shack, Blue Smoke and another “upscale” restaurant in the same building.

While most businesses in the building have gone to the wayside (Chevy’s, Applebees and DSW), it’s nice to know that at least one familiar face will remain amongst the newcomers.

Will you miss Pizzabola?

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7 thoughts on “Lili’s Noodle Shop and Pizzabola Closed For Business

  1. I really hope it’s true that Lili’s is relocating into the Applebee’s space. Chevy’s and Lili’s were two of my favorite places to get food. I knew it was only a matter of time before Lili’s would be affected by Goldman cleaning house. It’s nice that shake shack and blue smoke are moving in, but for people like me that eat out almost every weekday due to limited free time, it’s not much variety and I doubt I could get a meal to fill me up for $10 at blue smoke like I could at Lili’s. I’m still waiting for a reasonably priced diner in BPC, but I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

    1. Hi Tom — Yes I feel your pain about affordable food in BPC. However, it’s absolutely 100% true that the restaurant will be locating to Applebees. However, it won’t be the 100% same Lili’s you know and love.

      1. That’s what I’m afraid of – The same food with a $5 premium for ‘upscale decor’. I’m crossing my fingers.

  2. Of course I’ll miss Pizzabolla. Every civilized community needs a place to get good pizza and the northern end of BPC is no exception.

    1. after they close lily’s noodle, i feel like a headless fly whenever it comes to lunch time…don’t like those food in WFC at all…

  3. I heard last night that Shake Shake and Blue Smoke were moving into these spaces (or thereabouts)… while that’s probably fine, I rather liked Pizzabolla and am sad to see it go…

  4. I would much prefer unique, independent, and not CHAIN eateries in the neighborhood. But, I guess that is asking for too much.

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