Location of Unidentified 9/11 Remains in Museum Raises Families’ Ire

(Photo credit: national911memorial.org)

The Daily News reports that the families of victims of the 9/11 terror attacks have spoken out about the city’s plans to place the still unidentified remains of those lost in a museum that will be exist 70 feet below ground. Only 59% of the victims of the attacks have been identified in the past decade.


A vocal group of protesters would like city officials to contact the families of all 2,749 victims of the terror attacks, which are coming up on their 10th anniversary, for their opinions before building a below-ground repository inside the museum. The families are not opposed to the idea of a museum; it’s the location of said museum that they are unhappy about. A lawyer for the group said, “We are not against the remains at the museum, but the fact they want it on a public setting and 70 feet below ground level.”

Sally Regenhard, whose firefighter son perished during the attacks, said family members should be allowed to make the final decision about the remains. “The city is making human remains an attraction of the museum,” Regenhard said. “We demand a separate [location] above ground, fully accessible to the public area – not in the basement of a museum.”

Despite these protests, museum spokesman Michael Frazier contends victims’ families were told about the location of the repository back in 2006. The repository will be under the city medical examiner’s control and will not be open to the public.

What do you think of the plans to place the museum below ground?

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  1. How sad. Any proper monument should see the light of day and rise-up toward the heavens. A person must be allowed to mourn with dignity in their own privacy. Showing one’s respects in the open air gives one, if need be, the moment to freely walk away and wipe the tears.

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