New Italian-American Museum Being Eyed For Pier A

Pier A
Pier A could become the new home of an Italian-American museum

The New York Times reports that third-generation Italian-American resident Joseph J. Grano, Jr., who was a financier of Jersey Boys, is hoping to develop a new Italian-American museum to serve as the main attraction at Pier A, the 124-year-old Victorian pier that lives at the northern edge of Battery Park City and is controlled by the Battery Park City Authority. The pier is currently under construction.

Grano’s plans are grand – he hopes to position a Roman chariot and a Ferrari at the entrance to demonstrate artistic and technological progress. He also has plans for an exhibit that focuses on Italian artists like Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo, as well as composers like Puccini. Furthermore, Grano would like to construct an amphitheater for presentations for visiting students.

Grano also said he has potential investors willing to contribute funding for his proposal.

This $25 million proposal isn’t the only one being considered by the Battery Park City Authority. The organization will make its choice among this and three other proposals sometime next year.

Would you visit an Italian-American museum at the pier?