Battery Park City residents suffer from party boat noise

Nightlife Law in Effect on Land: But not on Water.

Battery Park City residents suffer from party boat noise
Battery Park City residents suffer from summer party boat noise.

Governor Paterson signed into a law a new bill that would enable the State Liquor Authority to crack down on noisy bars, clubs and nightlife operators who violate noise laws.

With the growth of bars and nightlife in the Financial District in the past few years caused an increase of noise complaints over crowds spilling out of bars in residential areas.

According to State Senator Daniel Squadron, “The new law, allows the SLA to revoke a liquor license from a nightlife operator for which police have referred six or more noise or disorder incidents to the SLA within a 60-day period, establishing a clear standard for determining when an establishment has become subject to repeated police attention.”

“For too long, our communities have been kept up at all hours of the night by operators who fail to control noise and unrly crowds.”

For residents of Battery Park City, there are very seldom occurrences where we would be disrupted by noise from unruly bar crowds — however, party boats on the water is another issue.

It is not clear if the bill stipulates and includes remedies for noise complaints stemming from party boats on the Hudson River.

Residents of Battery Park City are not strangers to noise complaints from waterways. Recently, Goldman Sachs announced an initiative to remedy the noise pollution emanating from commuter ferries at the NY Waterways Ferry terminal.

During the summer months, it is not uncommon for residents with apartments facing the Hudson River to hear the noise emanating from party boats. Which often sail on Friday-Sunday nights.

Bottom line: it is not enough to consider the needs of residents who live in close proximity of noisy bars on land — but should also expand to party spots on water.

Do you agree?

3 thoughts on “Nightlife Law in Effect on Land: But not on Water.

  1. Is it bad enough that you live in a sterile exurb that prohibits any real culture? Now you hate on party boats?

  2. I think that the same laws should apply. To be honest, most of the party boats have poor sound insulation and that is the real problem, they never had to do anything about it. I think it is perfectly fine to have party boats, but not when the glass windows shake in all the apartments on the Hudson AND EAST RIVER. The East River is seeing more traffic than ever before.

  3. The lack of consideration for others that these loud “party boats” evidence is appalling! Each morning about 4 AM one of these boats passes by booming loud enough to wake the dead. This is a direct attack on quality of life and should not be allowed. If the operators of these boats cannot limit the noise than the authorities should do so!!!!

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