NYC Doorman are set to strike

The Citywide Doorman Strike: How Does This Affect You

NYC Doorman are set to strike
What will life without your doorman mean for you?

For any New York City resident who calls a doorman part of their home, today is the fateful day for the settling of contract negotiations between the doormen’s union and New York City. If the two sides do not agree to a contract by midnight, doorman building residents will all turn into Cinderellas tomorrow, having to haul trash and accept their own packages (the horror!).

Here’s a quick rundown on how this possibly affects you — should you live in a doorman building. These are overall guidelines and may be different depending on your building.

(Honestly, in Battery Park City — most of us do.)

1. Security
Doormen buildings will be replaced with security guards or other security personnel who are present to verify government or building issued ID’s of residents and individuals who have been given access to the buildings, and to assist in any emergencies. If your building has different entrances, only the main entrance where the security personnel is stationed will be available.

2. Garbage Collection and Cleaning
During the strike, a standardized schedule of garbage pick up will be arranged according to your buildings management. In larger buildings in the area, including Gateway Plaza residents — management has requested that garbage be kept to a minimum and that recyclables be kept in apartments until after the strike.

Porters will be unavailable during the strike. Superintendents of buildings however, are on a separate contract deadline and will still be available to help but will not cross picket lines.

3.  Laundry Rooms
Communal laundry rooms will be largely unaffected by the strike, however should any repairs be needed — personnel will not cross a picket line to repair non-working machines.

4. Move-Ins and Move-Outs
The ability for residents to move in and out of buildings will be highly restricted if not prohibited during the strike.

5. Repairs
As previously mentioned, superintendents are part of the union but on different contract negotiations — so they will be available in most buildings to help in emergency situations. However, they will not cross a picket line. Your building management will also use at their discretion whether or not a repair is if of an emergency nature.

6. Volunteering
Residents in some of the buildings in the neighborhood, including Gateway Plaza are soliciting for residents to volunteer in assisting at lobby desks. Inquire with your management office to see if such a mobilization exists.

7. Packages & Deliveries.
UPS, Fed Ex and other delivery companies will not cross a picket line. Deliveries will not be accepted unless you are home to accept the package at the front door. Fresh Direct and Newspaper deliveries can also be accepted, but in person at the front door. No delivery men will be allowed in the building during the strike.

As always, in any event of an emergency, please be sure to call 911 during this time.

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