World Trade Center PATH

World Trade Center PATH Station Has a Bad Case of Gas

World Trade Center PATH
Whew! You do not want to go in there! (photo courtesy of

To our knowledge, the PATH trains at World Trade Center are not capable of flatulence. But that certainly didn’t stop the station from reeking of gas this morning.

Four worker had to be treated for minor injuries when smoke from the welding they were doing triggered an automatic fire extinguisher in the station’s signal room, releasing halon gas into the station. The Fire Department of New York, which was on the scene to investigate, told The New York Times that none of the injuries were serious and may have occurred in the workers’ scramble to flee the scene.

Meanwhile, blogger Emily Gordon complained of a similar situation at the Delancey Street subway stop, where she encountered a “sweet, very chemical (like nail-polish remover) smell, vaguely like dentist’s-office gas.” Man, we love that stuff. Sorry we weren’t there.

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