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Map of estimated elemental carbon concentrations, summer 2009

Battery Park City/Tribeca Highest Smog Concentration

Map of estimated elemental carbon concentrations, summer 2009
Map of estimated elemental carbon concentrations (Credit: NYCDOH)

There’s something in the air in Battery Park City!

A report released by the New York City Department of Health yesterday confirms that even in our quiet neighborhood, our community district reports the “highest particulate concentration” or high levels of smog in the city.

Particulate matter consists of pollen, dust and other materials in the area — mostly found in high trafficked areas, or areas flanked by major highways or thoroughfares, including in our areas, the West Side Highway and the entrance to the Holland Tunnel.

Particulate Matter in New York City
Particulate Matter in New York City (Credit: NYCDOH)

The study which was conducted during the summer mont hs of 2009 also found that most of the major summertime pollutants are concentrated in densely populated areas, where traffic is more congested and where more fuel is used for cooking and water heating.

The particulants are small enough to “penetrate into the lungs, causing inflammation of the airways, exacerbating lung and heart disease.”

The study also stipulates that cities with high PM2.5 pollution had shorter life expectancies.

“The NYCCAS report reinforces the need to make our buildings more efficient and reduce vehicle emissions. The latest report also demonstrates that traffic congestion in the city’s central business districts has an impact on air quality throughout the city and must be viewed as a citywide issue.”

To view and access the entire report visit New York City’s Department of Health website.

Are you worried about the  air quality report in our area?