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St. Patrick's Old Cathedral

St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral Designated a Basilica

St. Patrick's Old Cathedral
St. Patrick's Old Cathedral (Photo: oldcathedral.org)

St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral in Lower Manhattan has the distinction of being the Big Apple’s first Roman Catholic cathedral and the 200-year-old church was just given a status upgrade! It has been designated a basilica, reports The Associated Press. Archbishop Timothy Dolan “christened” the church with basilica status on Sunday; Pope Benedict XVI approved the designation.

The church, which was erected between 1809 and 1815, was the seat of the Archdiocese of New York until the larger (and more famous) St. Patrick’s cathedral was established in midtown. The church has a rich, storied history of sheltering orphans and providing a ministry to immigrants. In case you are wondering, a basilica has a ceremonial privilege and is recognizes as honorific for its works.

Does this church’s new status as a ‘basilica’ make you want to visit and attend mass there?

Sheldon Silver Park51

Sheldon Silver: The Mosque Should Move

Sheldon Silver Park51
Sheldon Silver weighs in on the Park51 debate.

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver is calling for the relocation of the controversial Park51 mosque.

Silver, who agrees that the Constitution protects the rights of the developers who want to build the community center and mosque, also feels they should be as interested in compassion for 9/11 victim families

“They should find a suitable place that won’t cause the same controversy,” Silver stated at a press conference with Gov. Paterson.

The Governor also offered his help in relocating the Park51 development. Discussions between the developers and the Governor have not materialized.

Silver’s call for reconsideration came right before the Governor was set to speak with Archbishop Timothy Dolan to discuss Park51 and how to facilitate moving the controversial development.

Park51 and the Cordoba Initiative have stated clearly their resolve in staying at 45-51 Park Place, and show no signs of relocating their community center. Daisy Kahn, one of the founders and wife of Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, had stated that the relocation matter was “a bigger fight.”