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East River Waterfront, Pier 15

Lower Manhattan Development Corporation Approves $137M in Grants

East River Waterfront, Pier 15
East River Waterfront, Pier 15 rendering (Photo: LMDC)

Lower Manhattan is about to up the artistic ante and prettify with parks and pedestrian amenities now that The Lower Manhattan Development Corporation has approved $137 million in grants for the region, according to DNA Info. A performing arts center, a pedestrian bridge and an East River park are all being constructed as a result of the funding. The federal money, which is part of the 9/11 recovery effort, was originally set aside for utility companies like Con Edison, but the LMDC are spreading the wealth to other downtown interests.

$100 million has been set aside for the performing arts center, which has been languishing in development for a while  and will be erected at the World Trade Center site. $20 million has been allocated for the foot bridge, which rises over West Street and West Thames Street. $17 million will be used to finish pieces of the East River Waterfront, which includes a path in front of the Battery Maritime Building.  The allocations won’t be enough to finish any of the jobs, but the approvals might convince other sources to contribute so the projects can be completed.

The LMDC also created a $4 million program to encourage business to start-up downtown.

Are you excited about these planned improvements downtown?