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Lower Manhattan's Best Coffee Shops

National Coffee Day: Battery Park City’s Best Cups of Joe

Lower Manhattan's Best Coffee Shops
Battery Park City's Best Coffee Spots

Did you know today was National Coffee Day? Which is mind boggling to me because I quite frankly can’t live without the stuff, so everyday is national coffee day in my house.

Whether it comes from your house, from a cart or on the go, we’ve got a million different places in Lower Manhattan to enjoy a freshly brewed cup, but we’ve rounded up some of our favorites.

Several places around the city are giving away cups of Joe in celebration, including our neighborhood. Manon’s Cafe is holding special coffee events for the rest of the week at all three of their locations. To find our more, check out the event page.

Although it has long since shuttered,  an honorable mention to Oren’s Daily Roast which used to grace us in the North Cove area. Here are some other fantastic places to celebrate National Coffee Day.

La Colombe @ 319 Church Street (212) 343-1515
This Philadelphia based company set up shop in NYC and has quickly risen to be one of the top coffee shops in the city. If you like to grab and go, this place might not be for you as the art of the cup is in how you make it.

Bean and Bean @ 71 Broadway, New York (212) 422-8083
One of the great advantages of being a coffee lover in NYC is access to Porto Rico beans. However, if you can’t make it to any of the Porto Rico locations, you can quickly grab a cup from Bean and Bean on Broadway. The coffee shop serves Porto Rico beans as well as offering freshly roasted beans for anyone who wants to brew a cup from the comforts of their own coffee machine.

Kaffe 1668 @ 275 Greenwich St (212) 693-3750
A purveyor of some of the best beans available in the country, Kaffe is a great place to sit, chat and meet new friends. If you’re also interested, you can buy a wooden sheep. (Has anyone reading this actually purchased one of those?)

Dean and Deluca @ 100 Broadway (212) 577-2153
If drinking coffee is only as good as the donut it’s sitting next to, then Dean and Deluca is your place. Before you start clamoring, “But … what about Dunking Donuts?!” I’ll quickly explain. Dean and Deluca offers freshly made and seasonal Doughnut Plant donuts. Never had one? It’s worth the trip to Borders to check it out. They sell out everyday so your best bet is to grab the joe and the dough in the morning.

Financier @ Several Downtown Manhattan Locations
They used to brew Illy beans, but have since started serving up their special house blends. Honestly, they taste just like their former Illy brews, but we will trust they are special. Every cup comes accompanied by a bite sized morsel of their signature financier, a madeline type cake.

Dunkin Donuts, McDonalds, Starbucks, (Yada yada!)
You know where they are, and I know you know where they are — but the coffee is worth mentioning. 🙂

Hooray coffee! 🙂 If we’ve left out any of your favorite spots, let us know in the comments!

Pita Grill's Battery Park City Taco

Get This Deal: Battery Park City Tacos!

Pita Grill's Battery Park City Taco
Pita Grill's Battery Park City Taco

PIta Grill Restaurant in the Financial District is offering some great lunchtime deals for the community.

Starting this week, they are offering a new student lunch menu where tons of items will be offered for $5 and under.

Battery Park City residents can also ask for a “Battery Park City Taco.”

You heard that correct, our neighborhood is now commemorated in taco deliciousness. There are two versions of the Battery Park City taco, including Chicken ($2) and Steak ($2.25).

Plus, all readers who mention this post or any first time orders at Pita Grill will be offered 10% off their entire meal.

Not too shabby for some affordable eats in the neighborhood.

Check out the menu here.

Motorcyclists in Battery Park City

Motorcycles Disappear Across the Area

Motorcyclists in Battery Park City
Motorcycles stolen across our area (Credit: Flickr/Roinks)

September marked the end of the summer heat but the start of hot motorcycles.

According to local police blotters, nearly a handful of motorcycles were reported stolen in our area within a two week span. The locations of the thefts include:

336 Albany Street
Sept. 2, 2010 @ 2 PM
A $12,000 motorcycle was reported stolen

68 Franklin Street
Sept. 3, 2010 @ 8:30 AM
A $14,000 motorcycle was reported stolen.

80 North Moore Street
Sept. 10, 2010 @ 12:30 PM
A motorcycle was reported stolen.

10 Liberty Street
Sept. 14, 2010 @ 5 PM
A motorcycle was reported stolen.

Coincidentally and most likely unrelated to the local thefts, a national motorcycle ring was arrested with some motorcycles coming from the New York area. Motorcycle thefts are nothing new to the area as New York City ranks fifth in cities reporting the most motorcycle thefts.

The frequency of which the motorcycle thefts occurred in September is cause for some alarm for motorcycle owners in our area. For our motorcycle endowed neighbors, here are some tips on keeping your motorcycle secure:

1. Keep your motorcycle in a inconspicuous area or concealed location.
2. Install a hidden kill switch, which must be activated to start your bike.
3. Along with your bikes built in lock, use alternate methods of securing your bike such as a secondary lock system.
4. Common sense also dictates, never leave your motorcycle running while unattended.

Hallmark Retirement Home on North End Avenue

Hallmark Residents Victims of Serial Robberies

Hallmark Retirement Home on North End Avenue
Hallmark Retirement Home on North End Avenue

Residents of the Hallmark Retirement Center on North End Avenue are victims of serial robberies occurring in the complex.

The thefts occurred and were reported in July and August and have amounted to nearly $60K in lost jewelry according to an article published today in the Daily News.

The thefts reported include:

-In July a woman reported a lost $10,000 Italian watch and an approximately $20,000 diamond bangle bracelet.

– On July 27th, a 98-year-old woman reported $21,400 worth of jewelry stolen from a bedroom closet.

-On August 9th, a 90-year-old woman reported $6,000 worth of jewelry stolen while she was away on a hospital stay.

As it turns out, policies implemented within the assisted living facility have seemingly helped to facilitate robberies. There are no surveillance cameras inside the building, certain employees have keys to all apartments and residents are required to notify the facility when they leave the premises for extended medical or personal reasons.

According to the same article, representatives at Brookdale Senior Living, the company that owns The Hallmark, “Theft is not tolerated at our communities, and we internally investigate and report to proper authorities claims of theft of which we become aware,” said spokeswoman Holly Botsford.”

However, according to residents the facility has done little to placate resident concerns and their cries have fallen on deaf ears.

We will continue to update this story as new development arise.

Downtown Connection Bus Clocks

Downtown Connection Adds GPS and Clocks

Downtown Connection Bus Clocks
Downtown Connection Countdown Clocks

Battery Park City residents can now rely on more than just a line of people and distant shadows of the Downtown Connection bus to determine its arrival.

The Downtown Alliance has installed countdown clocks at seven main stops along the Downtown Connection bus route. The bus route connects several main landmarks downtown.

The clocks were installed and include the The World Trade Center, The Financial District, The South Street Seaport, City Hall, Tribeca and Battery Park stops.

Over 836,000 residents and visitors take the Downtown Connection every year. A free service provided by the Downtown Alliance, the buses will be equipped with GPS systems that will communicate with the countdown clocks. The clocks will track the arrivals of the next two buses to help riders make the best use of their time.

The countdown clock should conceivably help add ridership for the buses with a definite arrival time.

According to the Downtown Alliance website,
“Riders of the Downtown Connection—the Alliance for Downtown New York’s free bus service in Lower Manhattan—will now know exactly when the next bus will arrive. The Business Improvement District has installed seven LED signs, which list the next two arrivals, along the 37-stop route.

The NextBus program uses Global Positioning System tracking satellites to provide accurate vehicle arrival/departure information and real-time data to passengers waiting at selected Downtown Connection stops.

Funding for the program was secured by New York State Senator Daniel Squadron and established in coordination with the New York City Department of Transportation (DOT). Thanks to a grant from Goldman Sachs, two additional signs will be installed in Battery Park City in the coming months.

The Downtown Alliance launched the Downtown Connection in late 2003, instantly improving Lower Manhattan’s quality of life and accessibility. The buses shuttled more than 834,000 workers, residents and visitors in 2009, and the Downtown Alliance expects ridership to increase this year. The shuttle buses run at 10-minute intervals from 10 AM to 8 PM daily, with more limited service on weekends.”

Although the use of countdown clocks will conceivably increase ridership for tourists, residents are still reeling from the loss of the W Train and M9 lines. Leaving the question on when residents will be able to have reliable transportation OUTSIDE of the neighborhood?

The elimination of the M9 bus affected Battery Park City residents

Battery Park City Community Board Proposes M9 Resolution

The elimination of the M9 bus affected Battery Park City residents
MTA's elimination of the M9 bus affected Battery Park City residents

The elimination of the M9 bus this summer has caused transportation headaches for our area.

Losing the M9 bus line this summer has caused transportation headaches for many residents in our area. Many of our own readers have voiced their concerns over the loss of the M9 line which was a main artery of transportation for the daily life of many residents.

The effects have caught the attention of City Councilmember Margaret Chin and the Community Board to draft a proposal which was recently presented to the MTA.

In that proposal, Battery Park City Committee have offered a resolution which calls for the extension of the M15 bus line into Battery Park City as well as extending the M22 line from Vesey Street into the southernmost tip of our neighborhood at Battery Place and Little West Street.

According to an article in this week’s Downtown Expresss, “The letter states, “due to the elimination of the M9, people traveling between Battery Park City and other areas of New York City are required to make more transfers, and, seniors, the mobility-impaired, and students particularly rely on buses.”

Compounded by the loss of the W line and consistent service closings due to the construction of the Fulton Street Transportation Hub, Lower Manhattan has been adversely affected. A response from the MTA is pending.

Pregnancies during 9/11 unaffected by mom's PTSD

Pregnant Women Not Affected by 9/11 Trauma

Pregnancies during 9/11 unaffected by mom's PTSD
Pregnant women stress during 9/11 did not affect births

Women in our area who were pregnant during the September 11th attacks were not found to have at risk births according to a recently published study.

Extensive studies have been held to determine the long and short term effects of the 9/11 attacks on mental and physical healths, but this study is one of the first to demonstrate a little to no effects on unborn babies during that time.  This is in contrast to a previous study that had found that children exposed to the 9/11 attacks in our area were found to be developmentally vulnerable.

Researchers examined the birth outcomes of 446 women who had worked or lived in our area and were pregnant at that time.

Because the income levels of the women were higher than most New Yorkers, they were compared against women in a similar income bracket who did not live in the area, excluding women who were on Medicaid.

Of those mothers who claimed to be suffering from post traumatic stress symptoms, some were found to have given birth to more low-weight and premature babies than those without.

The entire study can be found in the Obstetrics and Gynecology publication which was released yesterday.

Stuyvesant High School

40% of Stuyvesant Students Live at Poverty Levels

Stuyvesant High School
Stuyvesant High School in Battery Park City

They are the best, the brightest and poorest students in the city.

Contrary to the overwhelming belief that kids who make it to Stuyvesant High School are often thought of as coming from families with a leg up in class and ability to pay for preparation for The Specialized High Schools Admissions Test, the federal government believes otherwise.

This year, the high school will be receiving federal support after being designated as a “high poverty school.”

An overwhelming population of students are receiving free or reduced lunches at the school, qualifying Stuyvesant as a high poverty school, prompting Title I funding from the federal government.

In a recent campaign to properly identify the students at need, parents have counted the declining economy and students from new immigrant families at the school, are some of the reasons for the increase of impoverished students at Stuyvesant.

The numbers are staggering.

A count of students at the poverty level in 2006 accounted for only 17%, where as in 2009, nearly 40% of the entire school were considered at the poverty level.

The federal aid will provide nearly $1.6 million, which accounts for 10% of the high school’s total operating budget.

For alumni or those who would like to donate tax deductible donations for student groups and resources can visit the Stuyvesant High School Alumni Association website.