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Stuyvesant High School

40% of Stuyvesant Students Live at Poverty Levels

Stuyvesant High School
Stuyvesant High School in Battery Park City

They are the best, the brightest and poorest students in the city.

Contrary to the overwhelming belief that kids who make it to Stuyvesant High School are often thought of as coming from families with a leg up in class and ability to pay for preparation for The Specialized High Schools Admissions Test, the federal government believes otherwise.

This year, the high school will be receiving federal support after being designated as a “high poverty school.”

An overwhelming population of students are receiving free or reduced lunches at the school, qualifying Stuyvesant as a high poverty school, prompting Title I funding from the federal government.

In a recent campaign to properly identify the students at need, parents have counted the declining economy and students from new immigrant families at the school, are some of the reasons for the increase of impoverished students at Stuyvesant.

The numbers are staggering.

A count of students at the poverty level in 2006 accounted for only 17%, where as in 2009, nearly 40% of the entire school were considered at the poverty level.

The federal aid will provide nearly $1.6 million, which accounts for 10% of the high school’s total operating budget.

For alumni or those who would like to donate tax deductible donations for student groups and resources can visit the Stuyvesant High School Alumni Association website.

Stuyvesant HS Teacher Arrested for Selling Terrorist Weapons

Stuyvesant High School
Stuyvesant High School

Public school teachers just don’t make enough money.

A former Stuyvesant High School music teacher has been arrested after being caught selling weapons to what he thought was a terrorist network.

Theophilus Burroughs was arrested after a year long sting by the Bronx District Attornye’s office investigating a Bronx warehouse suspected to be a point where assault weapons were being sold.

Burroughs was caught negotiating firearms sales which included AK-47’s, .40-caliber guns and often praised terrorist organizations such as Hamas and Hezbollah.

According to the New York Post, Burroughs, “showed up at the Westchester Square warehouse expecting to collect a cool $10,000 for a pair of night-vision goggles, two bulletproof vests and 200,000 counterfeit cigarette stamps.”

Burroughs was on unpaid medical leave and had been a former Marine from Newark. Apparently surprised by the arrest, he web his pants as he was being taken away by investigators.

The charges against Burroughs include weapons possession and forgery.

Burroughs had been teaching at Stuyvesant since 1992, starting as a substitute teacher and then as a music teacher from 2002-2003. Also according to the same article, Burroughs has been under investigation by the Board of Education in an alleged misconduct situation at the Cobble Hill School for American Studies.