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Dogs Banned From Running Free on Battery Park Lawn

Battery Park CIty dog owners are on a short leash

Manhattan Parks Commissioner Bill Castro will probably be in the dog house with Lower Manhattan pet owners, as he has announced that the city will not allow dogs to run free and off-leash on the lawn in Battery Park. The reason for putting the kibosh on canines? The dogs and their waste could prevent other users from enjoying the spacious, open grass area, which is set for renovation next summer.  The lawn at Battery Park was previously the only large and open space downtown where dogs were allowed to run off their leashes.

Despite banning dogs from the park’s grass, Castro did say that a temporary dog run will be created on one of the park’s asphalt paths. The city will provide movable barriers and mark off over 6,000 square feet of pavement where dogs would be permitted to run and play from 6 to 9 AM daily. The Downtown Dog Owners Association is attempting to fight this decision, garnering 800 signatures along with their request to use the park lawn to exercise their pups. The DDOA says dogs are also part of the local community, and that the asphalt is brutal on paws while natural grace is the perfect surface for running. Some residents also expressed confusion as to why the Parks Department allows dogs to run off-leash in other parks but not Battery Park; size was cited as the issue.

Castro, however, will continue to meet with the DDOA about this issue. The next meeting is slated for December 13.

Do you think this Battery Park ruling is unfair to dogs and dog owners?

Battery Park City Annual Pet Parade

Battery Park City Block Party: Pet Parade!

Battery Park City Annual Pet Parade
Battery Park City Annual Pet Parade (Credit: BPC Dogs)

If cupcakes alone were not enough to convince you to join the block party, perhaps a pet parade might have you lapping it up?

According to the BPC Dogs Group in our area, residents are invited to join the annual BPC Block Party PET PARADE!!

From their email:

Once again, BPC Dogs will co-host theannual BPC Pet Parade with Bobby of Le Pet Spa.

There will also be many other pet-related activities at the Block Party, including information tables for the CERT Animal Search and Rescue team, a sign-up sheet to become members of the BPC Dog Association, and information about a proposal for official off-leash hours in Historic Battery Park.

The fun starts with the Pet Parade in front of the main Block Party stage on the Esplanade Plaza (aka the volleyball court).

Please line up with your pet at 12:10 pm, for a parade starting at 12:20 pm. ALL pet owners (of dogs, cats, birds, hamsters, rats, lizards, etc.) should be near the stage by 12:10 pm at the latest.

The pet parade is a fun way to introduce yourself and your pet to the community.  And if your pet does a special trick, show us. Our Pets are special members of our community so let’s meet them. (Note that, although the Block Party flyer describes the parade as a “Dog Parade”, all pets are welcome.)