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Delury Square

Green Space Opens in Lower Manhattan

Delury Square
Delury Square opens up on Fulton Street

At the corner of Fulton and Gold Streets is a brand new green space. The park, named DeLury Square and covering almost 9,000 square feet, was “built with nearly $2.3 million from the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation.” More green spaces are in the works to go along with all the other construction in the area.

Says Community Board 1 Chair Julie Menin, “it’s great to have this area of tranquility and calm and a place where people can really relax and enjoy.”

Construction and development go on in lower Manhattan as the area continues to recover from the September 11th attacks. As reported by NY1, Parks and Recreation Commissioner Adrian Benepe says green space projects such as DeLury Square “helps to complete the recovery. The complete recovery of Lower Manhattan.”

Do you see these green space projects as part of the recovery in your area, or do you think the funds might be better spent on other needs?