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Electronic ballots roll out all over the city.

10 Battery Park City Election on Primary Strike

Today marks New York City primary day across the city.

Electronic ballots roll out all over the city.
Electronic ballot machines roll out citywide (Credit: Gothamist)

Along with introducing the candidates vying for key spots in the November elections, a new electronic ballot has been introduced citywide.

This would normally be seen as a good thing, except according to WNBC.com, it’s not. Especially not in Battery Park City.

As election volunteers have grown accustomed to the traditional ballot machines that have been in use for decades, learning how to run the electronic ballot has not gone smoothly. Paired with the fact that the volunteer base pay, which has been tax exempt for decades, will now be subjected to income tax.

This revelation has apparently called for 10 Battery Park City volunteers to “strike” or not show up to our polling sites today.

Watch the story first reported by WNBC.com.
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