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Residents free to return to Battery Park City

Evacuations were called amidst concerns of major storm surges that would cause massive flooding, forcing power outages in our area – on top of a lack of public transportation to our largely isolated neighborhood. However, all restrictions were lifted today at 3pm.

• Power and steam pipes have not been shut off as initially planned by Con Ed.
• Elevators at some buildings have been restored including the Liberty Buildings, 1 Rector Park; Gateway Plaza elevators still off.
• Residents of all buildings in Battery Park City should return to their homes.
• 6-8 Inches of flooding reported across areas of Battery Park City
•  West Side Highway and FDR is reopened.
• Brooklyn/Battery Tunnel is open for those who want to re-enter Battery Park from the Brooklyn/Queens area.
• MTA is still shut down according to Aaron Donovan Wont’ reallly be able to start the process until it is completely safe. Still outstanding concerns of flooding/sea water effecting underground tunnels. Too early to pronounce whether public transportation will be restored in time for Monday’s rush hour.
• Area is still very windy, but not unusually windy for Battery Park City, flooding not seen on both ends of South End Avenue and on areas closest to West Side Highway for those who want to return.