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BPC Has City’s Second Most Restaurant Health Code Violations

13 percent of local restaurants earn a “C” grade

The 10006 zip code in Battery Park City/Lower Manhattan came in second in an undesirable category. The area had the second highest percentage of restaurant health code violations in the Big Apple, with 13 percent of food establishments earning a “C” grade, reports AM New York, which studied recent reports of the Health Department. A “C” grade is the lowest a restaurant can receive. Therefore, the only good thing about this rating is that there is nowhere to go but up.

The average rating for a zip code was 8 percent of restaurants being slapped with violations.

The 10026 zip code, which serves Morningside Heights/West Harlem, had the largest percentage of restaurant violations, with 20 percent of eateries receiving a “C” grade.

The letter grade system went into effect last July.

How much does a restaurants letter grade effect your decision to eat there?

SouthWest NY

SouthWest NY Restaurant Racks Up 70 Health Code Violation Points

SouthWest NY
SouthWest NY received the most violations in Battery Park City (Photo: southwestny.com)

SouthWest NY, a “contemporary southwestern” restaurant which opened in the World Financial Center in 1999 and enjoys a crowd of power lunchers and happy hour patrons, was slapped with a whopping 70 violation points from Health Department inspectors. The eatery is infested with rodents, roaches and other undesirable critters.

DNA Info reports that SouthWest NY racked up more violation points than any other food establishment in Battery Park City. The restaurant was also cited for its employees slovenly procedures, such as touching food with their bare hands and contaminating raw and prepared food.

Overall, the city is cracking down on restaurants, attempting to grade them on an A through C scale. Any establishment with 28 or more violation points is “awarded” a “C” rating and is subject to monthly follow up inspections until improvement is shown. The restaurants will be forced to shut down if they don’t fix the problems. SouthWest NY obviously ranks in the “C” category but has a chance to appeal once it receives a final rating.

Would you eat at SouthWest NY even if they improved their rating and got rid of their roaches and rodents or has your faith in this foodery eroded?