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Josef Von Habsburg Lothringen AKA Josef Meyers

Fugitive Josef Meyers Found Hiding in Hudson View East

Josef Von Habsburg Lothringen AKA Josef Meyers
Josef Von Habsburg Lothringen AKA Josef Meyers

In a story that is eerily reminiscent of the Clark Rockefeller saga, a Detroit fugitive was arrested after hiding out in an apartment at 300 Albany Street.

Going by the alias “Prince Josef von Habsburg-Lothringen of Austria” he was well recognized as an eccentric neighbor who often gallivanted in lederhosen and hair dryers. Authorities say that his real name was Josef Meyers — a 50-year-old deadbeat Dad from Michigan.

According to a report in the New York Post, “Meyer — a former mental patient who was once committed to a psych ward in Pontiac, Mich. — had attacked his mother at age 21 and was arrested in a 1987 drug raid, where police confiscated 2 kilos of cocaine and an automatic weapon.”

During that indiscretion, Meyer became an FBI informant. He was never formerly charged in that arrest but was later convicted in 1989 of stealing $100,000. It wasn’t until his arrest as a deadbeat dad that his life on the run came to an end.

Meyers was arrested at his 300 Albany Street apartment. According to the NY Post, “It was a small one-bedroom. We heard people inside, and we knocked, but they refused to answer,” said a source. After unhinging the door, authorities found Meyer standing inside a closet clad in a ripped T-shirt. [His wife, Michel] Trico, 35, and their three young kids were also inside the apartment, sources said.

The list of “interesting” residents in our neighborhood grows, this on the heels of finding out about Anna Chapman, our favorite neighborhood spy.