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P.S. 276 Community Garden Battery Park City

Oh My How Your Garden Has Grown! (Photos)

P.S. 276 Community Garden Battery Park City
Battery Park City's Pizza Garden by P.S. 276

As we at BatteryParkCity.com are quite partial to our pizza and Italian food, it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise that our favorite community gardens are both P.S. 276’s Pizza Garden and The Mercy Corps Lasagna Garden.

From the opening of the brand new community garden plots around Memorial Day, we’ve been excited to see the growth of both plots as we approach Labor Day weekend.

Truth be told, we were initially confused by Mercy Corps’ lasagna technique, as the plot looked looked abandoned, covered in cardboard. Happily, Mercy Corps knew what they were doing, and their plot is growing taller than several others.

Bravo neighbors!

Mercy Corps' Lasagna Garden