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Bernard Kerik Tweets from Prison

Bernard Kerik Tweets About Ground Zero Mosque … In Jail?!

Bernard Kerik Tweets from Prison
Bernard Kerik's opposition of mosque is released from prison.

Everyday another notable figure has come out in support or against building a mosque at Ground Zero. Today’s person of dissent is former New York City Police Commissioner, current inmate Bernard Kerik. This has left several people baffled — since most inmates are not allowed Internet access.

That did not stop Bernard Kerik to update both his twitter and his personal blog to oppose the development of Park51 by the Cordoba Initiative:

“Supporting the building of a Mosque just 600 feet from Ground Zero is absolutely outrageous, and for those politicians that are doing so under the guise of the First Amendment and Freedom of Religion, I would suggest that for once you not worry about being politically correct.

Think of the victims and the families they left behind on 9/11; the security implications for the surrounding area, the involvement in the project of those with questionable backgrounds and most importantly, the perception it will create in those countries and with those groups that sponsor Islamic terror. For them… this is the trophy that will stand as a symbol of victory.

This has nothing to do with religion… It’s just the right thing to do. Allowing this project to move forward is insensitive at best and should not be permitted.”

His twitter left a link pointing to a YouTube video produced by Frank Gaffney regarding the building of the mosque and an open message to America.

People speculate that Bernard Kerik has limited access to email approved family members, who in turn might have posted the items for him on his blog and Twitter account.