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Battery Park City Picture of the Day: P.S. 276 Pizza Garden!

Trees grow in Brooklyn. Pizza Gardens grow in Battery Park City.
Battery Park City's Pizza Garden

Pizza doesn’t grow on trees — but it does grow in a Battery Park City garden.

Being that this writer loves nothing more than Battery Park City and  pizza — the addition of a pizza garden has immediately increased the value of living here by about 1000%.

Better watch out Picasso, Pizzabola and Inatesso — Pizza may not grow on trees, but PS 276 has planted the seeds for an excellent idea.

So Congratulations PS 276 for thinking outside the pizza box and into the pizza garden. Today we declare you our first official “Neighbor of the Day!”

P.S. 276 plants their pizza garden (bpcschool.org)
P.S. 276 plants their pizza garden