Regal Cinema Battery Park Noted For 9 Sanitary Violations

The theaters in Battery Park City weren't empty of germs. (Photo: Flickr @smaku)

Ick! Fox 5 NY conducted an investigation of Manhattan movie theaters, taking spot samples from arm rests and concession stands and testing them. You might want to think twice about taking in a flick at the Regal Cinema near Battery Park, since the location had a total of nine sanitary violation points.

One of their key violations? Not keeping food at the required temperature. Maybe you should skip that bucket of popcorn next time you go to this theater. Additionally, a sample taken from the theater’s condiment counter revealed a “gross contamination.”

“This is a pure culture of E. coli ,”the Fox 5 NY inspector said, pointing to a Petri dish from the counter top. “There could be any kind of virus there.” The countertop was inspected solely for bacteria, so other contaminants could very well be lurking.

Jewel Gallagher, a Regal spokesperson, e-mailed the following statement to Fox 5 NY: “The cleanliness of our theatres is a high priority for Regal as we seek to provide a safe and enjoyable environment. On our most recent health department report, Regal Battery Park received an ‘A’ grade from the NYC Department of Health’s rigorous inspections and evaluations. We appreciate any information that Fox 5 can provide us regarding your evaluation, so that we can address any concerns. Rest assured that we take any comments from guests or health officials seriously.”

Does this news make you think twice about seeing a movie at the Regal Cinema?

2 thoughts on “Regal Cinema Battery Park Noted For 9 Sanitary Violations

  1. What’s that purple cloth draped over the seat ?
    Maybe a sweater that was lent.. then forgotten ?

  2. Silly for you to persecute Regal Cinema. 9 Sanitary violation points still constitutes an A in accordance with the Sanitary Inspection Grades. It sounds like someone is fishing for business in the area or something to be SO incredibly picky. Leave them alone! Sure they could improve, but why don’t you pick on all of the filthy establishments in the Winter Garden next door. Check out they’re previous Sanitary Inspection reports online and somehow they manage to hang an A in their windows- appalling!!!

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