Man Hit By Truck in Battery Park City

The intersection of North End Ave. and Murray Street was dangerous Friday evening

A man was struck by a struck on the corner of North End Ave. and Murray St. on Friday, March 4th at 6:15 PM. The intersection is considered among the most dangerous in the Battery Park City section of Manhattan, as there is no traffic light installed, forcing drivers, cyclists and pedestrians to have to rely on one another’s navigation skills and look in multiple different directions when crossing.

A reader was kind enough to supply this YouTube video of the weekend accident. It is not graphic and simply displays the commotion at the scene. Further details about the victim and his condition were not readily available.

Do you think the North End Ave. and Murray St. intersection is dangerous? What can local officials do to make it safer for users?

2 thoughts on “Man Hit By Truck in Battery Park City

  1. This corner NEEDS a traffic light – city buses and taxis alike barely SLOW as they reach the corner and there are elderly people, children and animals crossing all the time. I live on murray & river terrace and it’s INSANE how unprotected a pedestrian is on this corner … something must be done and unfortunately, it takes an accident like this to raise awareness and hopefully get attention where it’s needed…

  2. This is why I live on the south side of BPC. Just too much traffic, cabs, limos, bikes, people all crossing at once. Why too busy on th north side..

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