18th Century Ship Found At World Trade Center Site

Section of Ground Zero Construction Pit Still Flooded

One Week Later and Water Remains

It’s been one week since water leaked into a section of the Ground Zero construction pit which is owned by Brookfield Properties. While the leak is under control, the water has yet to be drained.

As reported by DNAinfo, a Brookfield Properties spokesperson said, “the situation remains well under control.” There is no timeframe for when the water might be removed from the Ground Zero contraction pit.

The section that flooded with water from the Hudson River was part of pedestrian tunnel, currently being built under West Street.

Do setbacks like this dampen your hopes for progress at Ground Zero?

2 thoughts on “Section of Ground Zero Construction Pit Still Flooded

  1. What really dampens our hopes are people who still insist on calling it “Ground Zero.” It’s “the World Trade Center Site,” please.

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