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Tyra Banks Bangs It Up in Construction

Model Tyra Banks Angers Neighbors With Construction

Tyra Banks Bangs It Up in Construction
Tyra Banks Bangs It Up in Construction

Her neighbors don’t hate model and talk show/reality show Tyra Banks because she’s beautiful. They hate her because she is being an inconsiderate neighbor. Banks recently angered her neighbors-to-be thanks to construction work being done on her new abode at the luxurious Riverhouse in Battery Park City. According to The New York Post’s Page Six, Banks is merging four apartments into one huge duplex unit and the construction project has lasted six months beyond the intended schedule and neighbors have been calling the police over the matter.

Apparently, paint fumes are annoying other residents and the incessant drilling is making for some serious noise pollution indoors.

A rep for the Riverhouse said that Banks’ unit is “near completion.” Nothing like pissing off the locals before you move in.

How should Tyra Banks appease her angry neighbors for her overdue, noisy construction?

18th Century Ship Found At World Trade Center Site

Section of Ground Zero Construction Pit Still Flooded

One Week Later and Water Remains

It’s been one week since water leaked into a section of the Ground Zero construction pit which is owned by Brookfield Properties. While the leak is under control, the water has yet to be drained.

As reported by DNAinfo, a Brookfield Properties spokesperson said, “the situation remains well under control.” There is no timeframe for when the water might be removed from the Ground Zero contraction pit.

The section that flooded with water from the Hudson River was part of pedestrian tunnel, currently being built under West Street.

Do setbacks like this dampen your hopes for progress at Ground Zero?

Slated World Trade Center Graphic

Ground Zero Rebuilding Hinges On Tenuous Deals

Slated World Trade Center Graphic
Proposed World Trade Center Site (Courtesy: Renewnyc.com)

Although rebuilding efforts at the World Trade Center site look promising, the deals that are backing construction are tenuous as best, the New York Post is reporting this morning.

According to the article, “The Port Authority’s 1 WTC is pushing skyward, and Larry Silverstein’s 4 WTC should start major construction soon. The towers together would restore about half of the Twin Towers’ 8.8 million square feet of office space.”

However, two impending deals between Silverstein, Durst and the Port Authority could potentially fall through, leaving the World Trade Center site with just its memorial pool, empty space and a near empty office building.

Silverstein still needs to iron out details on converting nearly $1 billion in Liberty bonds into a construction loan. The funds, which are currently in escrow, must be converted soon if development is to be finished by 2013. Durst, who was just announced as the latest developer on the 1 WTC site, is still hammering out a deal which would ensure a partnership stake on his development.

Gee! We thought there was real no holds barred progress happening. To find out more about the intricacies of the details read the announcement here.

How do you feel about this? Does this surprise you or should this be no cause for concern?

Tyra Banks Bangs It Up in Construction

Tyra Banks Bangs In Battery Park City

Tyra Banks Bangs It Up in Construction
Tyra Banks Bangs It Up in Construction

Love thy neighbor. Even if it is Tyra Banks.

According to several sources in Riverhouse as well as numerous media outlets, Tyra Banks upon living in the neighborhood and is  calling Battery Park City home.

Banks has recently closed on four units at the Riverhouse, located in the northern section of the neighborhood, for a cool $10 million. In true diva style Banks has commenced on construction to merge all four units into a single home for herself.

The constant construction and banging has not gone over well for her new neighbors — leading to several noise complaints to the police, according to an item in New York Post’s Page Six.

In defense of the diva, Battery Park City has been nothing but the mecca of new construction for the last 9 years… what’s a little more banging going to affect us anyhow? Surely after the construction has hammered in its last nail, neighbors will begin to tout that they live in the same building as Tyra Banks or, better yet, Leonardo DiCaprio.

Either way, welcome to the neighborhood, Tyra! So long as you don’t shut down the entire Whole Foods to shop at your leisure, we at BatteryParkCity.com will be glad to see you around.