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Slated World Trade Center Graphic

Ground Zero Rebuilding Hinges On Tenuous Deals

Slated World Trade Center Graphic
Proposed World Trade Center Site (Courtesy: Renewnyc.com)

Although rebuilding efforts at the World Trade Center site look promising, the deals that are backing construction are tenuous as best, the New York Post is reporting this morning.

According to the article, “The Port Authority’s 1 WTC is pushing skyward, and Larry Silverstein’s 4 WTC should start major construction soon. The towers together would restore about half of the Twin Towers’ 8.8 million square feet of office space.”

However, two impending deals between Silverstein, Durst and the Port Authority could potentially fall through, leaving the World Trade Center site with just its memorial pool, empty space and a near empty office building.

Silverstein still needs to iron out details on converting nearly $1 billion in Liberty bonds into a construction loan. The funds, which are currently in escrow, must be converted soon if development is to be finished by 2013. Durst, who was just announced as the latest developer on the 1 WTC site, is still hammering out a deal which would ensure a partnership stake on his development.

Gee! We thought there was real no holds barred progress happening. To find out more about the intricacies of the details read the announcement here.

How do you feel about this? Does this surprise you or should this be no cause for concern?

Battery Park City Cell Service Reception

Battery Park City Can You Hear Me Now?… Nope!

Battery Park City Cell Service Reception
How is your cell phone reception in Battery Park City?

Caller: Hello?

Me: Yes.. Can you..

Caller: You’re really breaking up.

Me: Yes I know… can you..

Caller: I can’t — You’re really breaking up.

No, this is not a scene from a bad romantic comedy, this is a seemingly every call occurrence made from my cellphone in Battery Park City.

Added to the litany of issues I have with my iPhone 4 and my ever super human “death grip,” I’ve had quite enough with the cellular service, or lack thereof in this neighborhood.

In an effort to find some answers — or at the very least attempt to find some maps letting me know where in Battery Park City one would have the best shot at making an important call, an interesting website surfaced.

Cellreception.com is a cell review site which does product and service reviews throughout the United States. Although it’s pretty rudimentary in collecting data (you have to sift through piles of comments), sometimes leaving you to wonder if the phone issues are actually more user error than cell reception dead zones.

Some Battery Park City related complaints I found on the Internet include:

A Verizon Customer:

“Verizon’s signal fades in and out, and there is no consistency. Very high probability of call being dropped.” – Person in Rector Place

A Cingular/AT&T Customer:

“My roommate has Cingular and can only get reception in 1 corner of our apartment” – Person in Battery Park Area

A T-Mobile Customer:

“I live in NYC, Battery park city and I have had little or no service the last year I have been living here, The customer service is Horrible, THEY REALLY DO NOT CARE AND CANNOT FIX THE PROBLEM! tried to switch to a new phon(which they made me pay for, LOL) PLEASE DO NOT GO WITH T-MOBILE IN NYC, THIS IS HORRENDOUS SERVICE AND RECEPTION.” -Christine from Battery Park City

In another cell reeption data study, the Wall Street Journal had published an article stating that the worst cell reception areas are located in and around the West Side Highway. In an included reception map, the area near Battery Park City suggests that no one in our neighborhood ever experiences dropped calls. Which I find incredibly hard to believe.

According to the recent Nielsen study, only 92% of all cell phone calls go through in New York City. Those figures are not enough, what I really want to know is how many phone calls actually go through in Battery Park City.

So now we ask you the question: How is your cell service?

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Battery Park city Tire Swing Park

Op Ed: Tire Swing Saga: Media Outlets Call BPC Residents “Wimps”

Battery Park city Tire Swing Park
The "Tire Swing Saga" has media outlets calling residents "wimps."

For the past few months, the arrival of the new West Thames playground on Memorial Day weekend has been warmly received. An elaborate ribbon cutting was witnessed by dozens of parents and their children to open the long awaited new tire swing park. On that very same day, a couple of children swinging on the now vilified tire swing “conked” their heads, a term used by Curbed to describe the incident. Curbed went on to mock parents who continue to bring their children to the park by describing them as leading their “children to slaughter.”

As a former kid who enjoyed the original tire swing park, there will always be a soft spot in my heart for the old wooden structure and a little bit of sadness that the park is now gone. There are times where I’ve believed that  maybe all of this hullabaloo is a bit of karma from the tire swing gods in the sky — or is it?

Curbed writer Joey reported the story the way it should have been covered — with a bit of jest and humor. While other local news outlets have been reporting this situation with disconcerting seriousness, the candor and ribbing from Curbed is appreciated. Joey proceeds to call Battery Park City residents “wimps” for complaining about a tire swing that has been installed in the same manner in parks — including a dozen in Central Park — all across the city. To placate the controversy, new signs are being installed to warn parents with height-blessed children (of over 4 feet) to avoid using the tire swing.

Yet, there is another thread running through the “Tire Swing Saga.”

When the original tire swing park was slated for demolition (to make way for the extension of the pedestrian path last year), a coalition in support of keeping the original park surfaced. The “Coalition to Save Tire Swing Park” was lead by Matthew Fenton. Ironically, the same man whose own child was one of the very first to be injured by the new tire swing — on the exact day the park opened to the public.

I’m seriously not making this up. Here is an article in 2009 from the Village Voice quoting Matthew Fenton — a staunch and vocal opponent to the new park — in support of saving the original tire swing.

Nearly a year later, here is another article quoting Matthew Fenton regarding the injury of his child, calling for the removal of the tire swing.

(Matthew Fenton is a writer for the local paper, The Broadsheet — which has been following the tribulations of the on-going tire swing saga very closely. Mr. Fenton didn’t attribute himself as “one of those parents” within the article, but the connection was indicated by a small editors note at the end of the article).

In a recent hearing, Jeff Galloway, CB1 member and BPC resident asked, “Is there something peculiar about Battery Park City where we’re not prepared to take a risk everyone else is willing to take? Kids will get hurt in this playground. Kids get injured all the time. Is this risk greater than other risks?”

Truer words were never said, Jeff. Can we now put the Tire Swing Saga to rest and let what happens in the playground stay in the playground?

Blue Smoke and Shake Shack coming to Battery Park City!

Shake Shack & Blue Smoke Combo Meal in Battery Park City! (UPDATE)

Blue Smoke and Shake Shack coming to Battery Park City!
Blue Smoke and Shake Shack coming to Battery Park City!

July 28, 2010 – Confirmation was made by Danny Meyer himself that Blue Smoke and Shake Shack are INDEED, opening in Battery Park City during tonight’s Community Board 1 Meeting.

Meaning — we probably will need that New York Sports Club back.


I don’t know about you, but on more than one occasion, my friends and I have been guilty of venturing to Citi Field for a “Shake Shack / Blue Smoke Dinner Combo.”

I am happy to report that the journey for one of my favorite dinners of all time soon won’t require taking the 7 train.

It’s being widely reported by NY Mag’s Grub Street and others that Blue Smoke has been confirmed as one of the restaurants replacing the recently-shuttered Applebee’s and Chevy’s. Well done Goldman Sachs — we had our doubts — but it seems you’ve done the neighborhood a culinary favor!

We have been discussing the rumblings of Shake Shack for months, but news of this pairing would be an encore presentation of what every Met fan or visitor to Citi Field already knows is a great collaboration in one’s belly.

Along with newcomers BLT Burger at the W, Five Guys on Fulton and our summer visitor Quality Burger — our neighborhood is poised to be quite a burger and BBQ paradise.

About time!

battery park city news

Welcome to BatteryParkCity.com! :)

We're putting out the welcome mat for the community on BatteryParkCity.com
Welcome to BatteryParkCity.com

Dear Reader,

It’s with open arms that I welcome you into BatteryParkCity.com! It had been years in the dreaming, and months in the making but the site is finally here! We encourage you to visit the site where we promise to bring you Battery Park City “made fresh daily.” To get to know the site, is to get to know a little bit about me and the rest of us who contribute to BatteryParkCity.com.

I have lived and grown up in Battery Park City since since 1985. For the little girl in me, the World Financial Center was my playground. The system of bridges and tall skyscrapers to a young girl in the 80’s felt like a fortress of strength. Indestructable and protective. Battery Park City’s esplanade was where I sold my first cup of lemonade, I had my first kiss, the path on which I rollerbladed to Stuyvesant High School, where I had my first job at Foxhounds. It’s the backdrop of both my prom picture, my wedding photo, and when my heart broke forever on that fateful September day.

Battery Park City has slowly but steadily rebuilt itself. I’ve seen families stay, I’ve seen families leave. I’ve watched businesses succeed and great businesses die because people in our neighborhood had no idea what was beyond the subway stop.  There is something about this neighborhood unlike any other in the city. For the great spirit we have here, I wanted to create a gift for the community. A place where we could all connect, learn, and keep in touch with the things that are going on in Battery Park City — online. For us who own homes, we’ve grown increasingly concerned with the real estate market as it affects our investments here. At times we feel like outsiders wondering what is happening at Ground Zero. Sometimes we just want to reach out to our neighbors and let them know we’ve got an extraordinary dining room table that needs a good home. Whatever the reason is, the focus of this site is to connect with one another… and it’s our goal to help achieve that! 🙂

The site is maintained and written by a handful of residents who both live and work in the area. I encourage others to drop us a note if you’d like to join as a contributor! Send us an email at contribute@batteryparkcity.com.

So I welcome you again to BatteryParkCity.com. As much as it’s our site, it’s your site too. We openly welcome suggestions, comments and criticisms. (Just punch with kid gloves on the latter!)